Olympic Studios Reincarnated

Jimmy Page by Ed Perlstein/ The Hellgate-one of the many artists to have recorded at the legendary Olympic Studios

Jimmy Page by Ed Perlstein/ The Hell Gate- one of the many artists to have recorded at the legendary Olympic Studios

Besides an excuse to post a photo of Jimmy Page, a recent article in the BBC travel section highlights that you don’t have to completely cling to history or erase it. The Olympic Studios is being turned into a cinema house and it’s not a bad thing. Instead of completely extinguishing the essence of the studios, the cinema house is paying homage to the building’s music roots. There will be posters of legends that have recorded there- Hendrix, Led Zep, just to name a view and it will be equipped with a state of the art sound system. Ron Wood has donated one of his original painting already. We’d gladly take this any day over going to a multiplex. Read the article here. Now if only New York real estate developers thought like this, sigh.

Busy Building Win Red Dot Award For The Hell Gate Branding

Hell Gate branding done by Busy Building

Busy Building is the genius branding and design agency that have done all of our branding and what do you know, they’ve won numerous awards for it! The latest is a Red Dot award for best Corporate Design 2012. Peep all of the work they’ve done for The Hell Gate here. When we first came to Dimitri and Effie for the design we said we wanted it to have the look and feel of a music zine, and clearly they delivered. So many people have asked us about our logo (it’s free hand!) and have complimented us on our business cards.  We hope to visit them soon, going to their offices is always inspirational. Congrats again to everyone at Busy Building!

Synths in the Art House

Katja Ruge’s “Can Love be Synth” exhibit is up at the Art House at SXSW till March 18th- check it out

Go See She-Bop-A-Lula

She Bop a Lula

Photo Exhibit of female musicians by female photographers. Proceeds go to fight breast cancer.

opens 7 March until 1 April 2012 at the Strand Gallery

32 John Adam Street,
London WC2N 6BP
(0207 839 4942),
everyday 11am–7pm.
(6pm Sunday).

Admission is free.

Nearest tubes: Charing Cross/Embankment.

Come Around Aviva Klein’s Way This Friday Feb. 17th

Aviva Klein’s solo exhibit”Come Around My Way” will be on display at 511 W. 20th Street beginning Friday, February 17th through Monday, February 20th from 12:00pm to 6:00 pm. An artist reception will be Friday, February 17th at 7:00pm. Private viewings are available by appointment by calling (917) 868-1897. Hope to see you all there.

Album Covers

Album cover by Angel Ceballos

Redefine magazine has posted it’s 2011 top album covers here. Thanks to Alexander Laurence for originally posting the link on FB. Our very own Angel Ceballos has rightfully been included for her continued collaboration with Zola Jesus, shooting the album artwork for Zola’s latest release “Vessel”. We forgot momentarily how beautiful Bjork’s “Biophilia” is, really impressive packaging and smartly including an app- we’ll probably see more of this (we hope!)…. Looking at the album artwork took us to the warm happy place where the album art sets the tone for the entire record, letting the music take you on a journey.

Got Milk?

?uestlove by Aviva Klein/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

Aviva Klein will be part of a wonderful group Hip Hop exhibit happening at Milk Studios kicking off December 17th. The exhibit is curated by none other than hip hop legend Ricky Powell to help celebrate his 5oth birthday. Other photographers we love who  are in the show are: Janette Beckman, Estevan Oriol, Angela Boatwright, Jim Britt and Glen E. Friedman. Now, that’s one hell of a group exhibit. Congrats Aviva!!

Introducing Hell Gate Production

Lightspeed Champion by Christopher McLallen/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

The Hell Gate is extremely happy to announce the introduction of a new sister site and amazing new music photography platform in Hell Gate Production-

We are incredibly proud of the quality of the work presented here and incredibly excited to be collaborating with such a high standard of photographer.  Music and music culture may well be the departure point but the interest and potential of this work extends far, far beyond.

One of the key goals of the Hell Gate is to create new & unique content, a body of work that somebody might look back on and recognize in 10 years. Getting to the point of production allows us to shape that and really support the photographers that want to be busy & want to produce great work- work that falls in line with what we’ve developed as a style or what we refer do as a Hell Gate DNA….

This is a time where large segments of cultural media have decided the value of a photographer’s work should be set at “zero” – or that any work submitted first is good enough. That’s not a model that always supports quality work or sustains an artist. We are hoping here to facilitate great work, to set it up directly. New work needs to stand up and demonstrate its value.

The most exciting part about this is that these photographers are so much bigger than traditional music media that looks to set their value at “”zero” or the syndicator that wants them to shoot fodder live work to pipe into some shitty subscription.

Through this we hope to also start to add original new work to the Hell Gate licensing business and continue that long-term goal of building the idea of what the Hell Gate is about. Enjoy the site and the quality of this photography. Over time we hope you agree that we are presenting something different and in a good way.



In The Loupe

Have wanted to post about this for a week or so now…  Julie Grahame, Stella Kramer & Allegra Wilde. Now this is a new photography platform that you’ll need to keep a clear eye on. Adding this to The Hell Gate favorites next to the supreme aCurator.

Mad Respect.



In Bloom

Nirvana by Steve Gullick/The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

Last night the Nirvana Nevermind exhibition opened at the Loading Bay Gallery in Brick Lane, East London. The exhibit will only be for 10 days. We won’t be able to see it- if anyone has attended let us know your thoughts. Besides photos, other Nirvana paraphernalia are on display. The Guardian did a nice gallery of photos from the exhibit. Be sure to check back this weekend for more Nirvana coverage coming out of the UK.