Art Of The Power Ballad A La Li

Lykke Li by Katja Ruge/ The Hell Gate

Lykke Li by Katja Ruge/ The Hell Gate


Been meaning to give Lykke Li’s third album I Never Learn an earnest listen. From what we’ve gleamed it’s a break up album, which tend to be great and this really fun/ insightful review on Grantland has sealed the deal for us. Any one that that fully embraces the power ballad is aces in our book. Now it’s time for some Foreigner.

Where It’s At- Beck’s 20th Anniversary

Beck by Piper Ferguson/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission, to license this image, and other images of Beck through the years go here.

It’s already been 20 years since our lovable slacker came out with “Loser”. Since then, we’ve anticipated his gift for ad-lib and re-invention with each album. Good article on Beck’s career arc in Grantland.  We’ve been luck to have wonderful photos of Beck throughout his career by Martyn Goodacre, Piper Ferguson and Anna Webber.