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On Being Childish

Billy Childish by Pat Graham/ The Hell Gate

Billy Childish by Pat Graham/ The Hell Gate

Really entertaining interview with one of our favorite Brits of all time Billy Childish in the Guardian last week. What was so great about the interview was Billy, the tone I could do without. Got the feeling that the author wasn’t buying what Billy was selling. But the truth is, Billy doesn’t have anything to sell. He just may be on of the most enlightened, comfortable-in-his-own-skin humans on the planet, and I say this without an ounce of irony. Childish also gives good quote- “Tradition is the platform to freedom” and  “I’m an interesting person with a moustache, rather than a person who’s grown a moustache to be interesting. But it’s a good trick to do that, and good luck to them if they can pull it off.” are just some of the gems you’ll find in the interview here. Also worth reading the comments section, Childish is very honest and cool in his response to the interview. Just fascinating stuff folks. Also a testament to Childish’s prolific life as an artist– when I first started dating my now husband many moons ago I said that I was I huge fan of Billy Childish’s music. He said I thought he was a painter.


David Bowie To Release New Album

David Bowie by Richard E Aaron/The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission, to license this image, and others of David Bowie go here.

The chameleon is back after 10 years with a new album release.  A really interesting point was made in the Guardian article by Alex Petridis.– no one even knew he was recording. That is damn near impossible to do- perhaps that is why everyone is jumping all over this story and it’s certainly been the music news of the day. We can wait to hear it, sounds more than promising.

First Layer Of The Peel

John Peel by Jamie Beeden/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

Not too long ago we blogged about the John Peel Project and now it’s underway. What’s in this recent Guardian article is not surprising- we all know that record enthusiasts are not the most tidy of folks, but they know exactly what is in their collection and God forbid anything is misplaced, they will freak out… it’s uncanny and Peel was no different. His filing system is akin to a on old school library card catalouge, which in endearing. The first entry has been cast and you can now follow the  John Peel Project here.