The Photography Of Ester Segretto

FKA Twigs

Ester Segretto has the perfect mix of the right music, the right energy and the technical chops to bring some of the best live photography we’ve seen in a while. The above photo of FKA Twigs slays us. Love that she follows the line of her leg, it’s super elegant and shows off her dancing abilities. View Ester’s gallery. All of Ester’s images are available for licensing here. We are thrilled to be working with her.

The Photography of Dustin Chambers

Southside, Wocka Flocka Flame and Lex Lugar by Dustin Chambers/ The Hell Gate

Southside, Wocka Flocka Flame and Lex Lugar by Dustin Chambers/ The Hell Gate

We couldn’t be more pleased to include Dustin Chambers on our rooster. His photography of Goodie Mob and Alt Twins is the type of reportage we dream about.  More images from Dustin’s extensive archive will become available for licensing over the coming days. Gallery highlighting Dustin’s work is here, and images are available for licensing on The Hell Gate. 

Photographer Spotlight- Leila Morrissey

N.E.R.D. circa 2010 by Leila Morrissey/ The Hell Gate

N.E.R.D. circa 2010 by Leila Morrissey/ The Hell Gate

While she’s not traveling the world Leila is avidly photographing some pretty heavy hitters in music (Pharrell Williams anyone?) She’s poised to have a month long residency in Iceland this Spring in conjunction with her first book release. More about her residency, personal projects, and more from her archive will be made available in the coming weeks.  Images are available for licensing here. View Leila’s gallery.

Feature Submission- Fun. by Frey+Martin

Fun. by Frey+Martin Photography/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

These guys are getting huge- Portraits recently shot for YRB magazine and available for licensing here.

Feature Submission- Avicii by Frey+Martin

Avicii by Frey+Martin Photography/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

Recently published in YRB magazine, portraits of mega-hot Swedish DJ/ producer Avicii are available for licensing.

Ami Barwell Brings The Rock N’ Roll

Ian Brown by Ami Barwell/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission


Ami Barwell’s portrait of Ian Brown made us stand up and notice. We’ve been admirers for a while now and are thrilled to be representing her photography. Ami’s black & white film images are beautiful- possessing the lovely grainy quality you just cannot replicate with digital. Ami’s knack for being in the moment has yielded a body of work that really makes you feel like you are inside the photo- her reportage of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club certainly has that air. Every photo is Rock N’ Roll. Portfolio here. Images available for licensing here.

Audio Socket Has The Right Idea

Audio Socket – “Stock Music is crap & we don’t represent it”

Impossible not to flag such commendable logic (we feel the same way in a slightly different field of music content licensing.)

Another extremely interesting glimpse into a digital future. Ostensibly this is about music rights but clearly the logic applies to other licensing businesses.

The explosion of digital platforms, the need for those users to create & create with quality & to do so legally. We like this democratization business…..

Heart and Soul

Photo by Katja Ruge/ The Hell Gate, image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

Over the coming months The Hell Gate will be using the blog & our sister site, our licensing business, to introduce a series of original photo essays & features built around music photography.

To give you a feel for what The Hell Gate is determined to love & support in equal measure please see below a feature by Katje Ruge Fotoreportage23″ – from her book published in 2007 documenting specific places of significance to Ian Curtis/Joy Division, along with portraits of people that were close to him or influenced by him.  It is this kind of photo essay that makes us get out of bed in the morning.


We won’t shy away from talking about music photography, the state of the wider licensing business & the realities that go along with all of the rapid changes that have impacted how we do business.

There certainly have been changes to the way labels, management & the wider media appreciate content & are prepared to pay for it.  Maybe some of the work clogging up licensing sites in subscription deals is a pale imitation of music photography & should be classified more as “indeterminate shots from indeterminate events” – Maybe our print media is infinitely less interesting because of its use. Maybe a photographer deserves to get paid…

Maybe there was a golden age where photographer income & access was high. Speak to those “golden age” guys though & they’ll tell you they were sharing moments with friends – hungry, unpaid moments in the studio and on the road.

The Hell Gate doesn’t see the music scene as broken & we can absolutely guarantee that there’s still remarkable talent dedicated to this craft doing whatever is necessary to get the shot and tell the story.  Their talent will pay them & their work stands up to anything you want it too. We work with these remarkable people every day. Our clients have also been encouraging us to stay true to what we are delivering- you’d be pleased to know that many creatives in high level positions working for well- established companies are longing for something different- something that The Hell Gate is offering and will continue to do so.

We are  dedicated to supporting our photographers’ projects. No indeterminate live photo calls, no bland candids & publicity material.  Please support their work & please share some of these essays with your world.