Norton Records Recovery

Norton Records Owners Billy Miller and Miriam Linna by Jackie Roman/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

Many small business and independent businesses are still reeling from the impact of hurricane Sandy and Norton Records had a lot of damage to their inventory being based in Red Hook Brooklyn. Hundreds of volunteers such as our very own Jackie Roman and Jared Swilley of The Black Lips pitched in to physically clean & dry over 250,000 plus records. Jackie has done an excellent job of her first person account, read her blog entry.

Norton is having a great raffle to raise money to help with the recovery, you can still enter the raffle. Prizes include prints and limited edition books from Jackie. You can also donate directly here. 

Just to reiterate what a jewel Norton Records is, check out their 25th anniversary celebration photographed, of course, by Jackie. Thanks again for continuing to shine a light on Norton.

Music Sales Are Up

Believe it! This has not happened since 2004…. All the stats are here– thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for posting on FB.  While it’s no surprise that Digital made up more than half of revenues for the first time ever, Vinyl unit sales and revenues were both up over 30%. Growth rates on subscription services and digital album downloads where solid as well.


Peel Online

John Peel by Jamie Beeden/ The Hell Gate- image is copyrighted, not for use without permission

Great news today for all music lovers- John Peel’s record collection will be made available online. It’s an Arts Council funded project, set to be made available in May. That’s over 25,ooo vinyl albums, not to mention singles and CDs, along with personal notes and video interviews… Read all about it on The Quietus. It’s an important gift to give to any fan of music, and kudos to his widow Sheila Ravenscroft for backing the project and making available this amazing collection “to his fans as he would have wanted.” We have a feeling our record collection is about to triple come May.

Third Man Records Rolling Record Store

The big yellow truck is rolling into SXSW today and will be there until March 20th. Jack White’s record store on wheels will be offering ultra limited vinyl only available at the rolling record store along with a DJ and set up for bands to plug in and play directly from the truck. Jack’s on a mission to bring vinyl to the masses. Sure hope Jack doesn’t have to fight any taco trucks for space down there. Check out the awesome video from Third Man Records’s site….